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Dr. Brent Weinerman

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Brent Weinerman, D.O., has been a pillar of patient-centered pain management in the Philadelphia area. A board-certified osteopath, Dr. Weinerman is renowned for his dedication to providing exceptional care, utilizing the latest advancements in the field.

Dr. Brent Weinerman, D.O., is a household name in Philadelphia when it comes to effective and compassionate pain management. With a distinguished career spanning nearly four decades, Dr. Weinerman is a board-certified osteopath who has dedicated himself to staying at the forefront of the field, consistently implementing the most up-to-date treatment protocols to deliver exceptional results for his patients.

Dr. Weinerman's 40 years of experience translate into a deep understanding of pain and its diverse causes. He has honed his skills over countless patient interactions, allowing him to effectively diagnose and manage a wide range of pain conditions. He prioritizes a personalized approach to pain management and restoration of functional movement. He understands that every patient is unique, and their treatment plan should reflect that. You'll receive individualized care that addresses your specific needs and concerns.


Dr. Carly Garabo, Chiropracter

Dr. Carly Garabo is a chiropractor at Weinerman Pain and Wellness. She is committed to providing comprehensive chiropractic care and collaborating with medical doctors and physical therapists to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient who have been impaired or injured.

Dr. Garabo believes in a collaborative approach to healthcare. She works closely with Dr. Kim and the physical therapy team at Weinerman to ensure patients receive the most effective treatment possible. This team approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of each patient's condition and the development of a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of their pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Garabo recognizes the importance of therapeutic exercise in chiropractic care. When appropriate, she works with patients to create personalized exercise programs that address their specific needs. These programs may focus on improving mobility, flexibility, and strength, empowering patients to manage their pain and maintain long-term health.


Whitney I. Bachow, MD

Dr. Whitney Bachow is a passionate physician at Weinerman Pain and Wellness, joining the team in 2021. Her expertise lies in treating patients of all ages – from adolescents navigating the complexities of growth to seniors seeking active lifestyles – who have sustained injuries from various accidents, including work-related incidents, motor vehicle collisions, and personal injuries.

Dr. Bachow takes a comprehensive approach to pain management. She starts by conducting thorough interviews and examinations to pinpoint the source of your pain. This allows her to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Dr. Bachow is a strong believer in collaborative care. She often consults with chiropractors at Weinerman Pain and Wellness to ensure you receive the most well-rounded treatment approach possible. She is also meticulous in documenting your progress through detailed narrative reports, ensuring clear communication and continuity of care.

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Dr. Tae Kim, Chiropracter 

Dr. Tae Kim is a dedicated chiropractor with over 13 years of experience, specializing in pain management and physical rehabilitation, and overall wellness care. Raised in Seoul, South Korea, his passion for holistic healthcare and natural healing began at a young age.

Following his chiropractic education at a chiropractic school in Cleveland, Kansas, Dr. Kim gained extensive experience in musculoskeletal conditions. His practice now focuses on rehabilitation and promoting overall wellness.

Dr. Kim believes in the body's natural ability to heal itself through proper alignment. He combines traditional chiropractic methods with modern techniques to create personalized treatment plans for a wide range of conditions, from back pain to workplace injuries.

Dr. Kim's commitment to empowering patients and promoting holistic wellness is a cornerstone of his practice. This has earned him a reputation as a trusted and compassionate practitioner at the Weinerman Pain and Wellness Clinic.


Dr. Michael Rykacewski, PT

Michael Rykaczewski is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and a Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS) at Weinerman Pain and Wellness. He is passionate about helping patients achieve their movement goals and improve their overall strength, endurance and ability to better carry out activities of daily living after injury

Since joining Weinerman Pain and Wellness in July 2021, Michael has played a key role as the Director of Clinical Operations. He oversees the physical therapy department's operations while also providing expert evaluations and treatment plans for patients with various musculoskeletal injuries.

Michael utilizes a variety of evidence-based treatment techniques to help patients regain pain-free movement. He is trained in Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM) and Dry Needling. These specialized techniques allow him to address specific muscle tightness and pain points, promoting faster healing and improved function.

Michael provides personalized care that addresses each patient's unique needs and goals. He believes in working collaboratively with patients to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that gets them back to doing the activities they love.


Joseph Latzo, PA-C

Joseph Latzo joined Weinerman Pain and Wellness in 2018, bringing his expertise and commitment to patient-centered care. He holds a master's degree in physician assistant studies from Northern Arizona University.

Joseph prioritizes building strong partnerships with his patients. He takes the time to answer their questions thoroughly, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their diagnosis and the treatment options available. He also actively collaborates with the multidisciplinary team at Weinerman Pain and Wellness to develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's specific needs.


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