Do you want to recover from your injuries and regain your skills? We have state of the art hand therapy equipment at our facility in accordance with one on one specialized hand rehabilitation treatment.  Turn to the therapists of Weinerman Pain & Wellness to assist you in getting back to your normal life after an injury. 

Occupational therapy involves the therapeutic use of occupations or daily activities to help you fulfill your daily tasks. It involves a holistic approach to adapt to physical and cognitive changes.

Our Occupational Therapy Program Involves

  • Functional movements - lifting
  • Supervised use of life and place rack station - carrying
  • Movement with weight boxes - push or pull
  • Shoveling - shovel or lever station with sandbox

Strength Training to Regain Mobility

Functional Movements
Supervised Usage of Lift and Place Rack Station 
Appropriate Movements With Weight Boxes 
Push / Pull 
Shovel / lever station with sandbox 
 a. Standing, walking, sitting 
 b. Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling

Get Back to Your Normal Lifestyle With Our Effective Therapies 

Recover from your injuries and regain your skills with our occupational therapy programs. Retrieve your strength and mobility with the therapeutic functional movements. 

You can also depend on us for chiropractic care, post-accident care, pain management and other rehabilitation services. Walk in to our wellness center located at 100 S. Broad St.
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